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Get Your HVAC System Checked Before Spring

Get Your HVAC System Checked Before Spring

Avoid costly, unpleasant summer breakdowns

Here in the Northeast, the coldest season is finally coming to an end. It’s easy to forget about the importance of air conditioning during a long winter. Nonetheless, hot and humid weather could arrive in two months or less. Last May, the Boston Globe reported on a heat wave with muggy air and temperatures over 90 F.

Get Prepared

Think about scheduling an HVAC inspection before Easter Sunday. Your air conditioner’s moving parts eventually wear out or need lubrication. Grime builds up on components, and drains or filters may become clogged. Such problems could shorten your system’s life span if no one addresses them.

Regular AC maintenance can help you save tremendous amounts of money by preventing breakdowns that call for expensive repairs. A basic tune-up or HVAC inspection costs around $129. The technician will test your system and carefully check it for problems. He or she may also clean various components, lubricate moving parts and make any needed adjustments.

On the other hand, you could spend $150 to $2,500 on a repair. Some parts remain relatively inexpensive to order and install, such as thermostats, capacitors, fuses and condensation pumps. However, compressors and evaporator coils cost far more. It might make more sense to buy a new system rather than fix aging equipment. Homeowners frequently pay around $4,900 to completely replace their central air conditioners.


Cooling equipment doesn’t only work more reliably when professionals thoroughly maintain it; the machines also conserve power by running more efficiently. Lubricated parts, clean coils and new filters reduce the amount of energy needed to produce cool air and circulate it throughout a home. Consequently, AC maintenance cuts your monthly utility bill while reducing air pollution.


An unexpected failure could also prevent HVAC equipment from keeping your home cool during hot weather. Inspections can reveal impending problems and enable technicians to fix them now rather than performing the work in June or July. Some people must go without cooling systems until they save up enough money for new parts.

Even if you have plenty of cash, it may take a long time to revive your air conditioning equipment after a summer breakdown. Technicians often become rather busy during the hottest weeks. This means that most customers wait longer for repairs than they would in the spring. You might need to spend money on fans or a small window unit in the meantime.

To minimize your expenses and ensure that your home remains cool throughout the summer, schedule a Dupuis Energy service call today. Our company inspects, repairs and replaces HVAC systems in southeast Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Since the early days of the 20th century. Contact Dupuis Energy today to schedule a consultation.