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Affordable Cold Weather Comfort

Survive the Chill Without the Freezing Your Funds

When winter rolls around, the snowy sights may be picturesque, but nothing is as lovely as a warm and comfortable home. No matter how much of a cold weather enthusiast you are, you can’t deny the importance of being able to retreat to your private heated sanctuary. Proactive home maintenance makes it easy and economical to maintain your paradise. Follow these simple tips from Dupuis to learn how you can save on your energy bills while staying toasty all season long.

Start Weatherproofing Where the Boundaries End

You and your family aren’t the only things that make use of your front door, windows and garage. Heat energy also passes through these portals unless you take steps to halt its progress.

Go on an inspection tour of the outermost edges of your home. Feel in front of and around windows and doors for drafts. Also check the edges where walls, floors and ceilings meet for cracks, and ensure that your weather stripping creates tight seals. Sealing up these points will help the money you pay for heating go much farther.

Get to Know Your Ventilation and Heater Better

Good seals aren’t just important in the spaces that you’re trying to heat. They also play a vital role inside your heating system itself. When your heater has to pump extra air through leaky vents just to warm up your rooms, it uses more energy, and your climate control costs skyrocket.

Of course, nobody’s suggesting that you crawl through your vents action-movie-style in order to hunt for cracks. On top of performing visual inspections in areas that you can readily access, you can simply pay attention to how your system operates. Behaviors like being unable to reach temperatures or cycling on and off repeatedly are usually good indicators of inefficient thermostat or furnace operation. If you notice them, you’re overdue for a maintenance call.

Don’t Take Building Materials for Granted

What’s going on inside your walls? If you’re like most homeowners, these hidden inner volumes contain one of many forms of insulation. The only question is whether it’s actually doing its job properly.

While it’s impossible to gauge the effectiveness of your insulation through simple visual inspections, problems often make themselves evident. For instance, if you observe that a section of wall is notably colder than others nearby, the insulation in that area may have degraded to the point where it no longer functions at peak efficiency.

Booking a professional energy audit is always a solid game plan. In addition to highlighting problems, audits make it easier to capitalize on the benefits of heating your home with cost effective, readily available fuels. To learn more about how the audit process complements maintenance and fuel delivery plans to keep your heating running as cost-effectively as possible, contact Dupuis energy today.